Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gordon B. Hinckley on work

Gordon B. Hinckley's gave some great advice about work and put work into a doctrinal context. Reading excerpts from his talks makes me miss him and his advice a lot.
One of Hinckley's best teachings in these excerpts is that work is the process in which dreams become reality and that there is no substitute for it under heaven. To the dismay of me and everyone else of this earth, this is completely true. Sometimes we all tend to think that to make dreams reality we just need to hope for them and then sometime they'll all magically come true, but that just doesn't happen (thanks a lot, Disney movies). This quote is just so true and that's why it really hit me. It gives me more of a determination to stop simply dreaming all the time but to get to work towards those dreams now.
An effective simile Gordon B. Hinckley gives for the doctrinal aspect of work is his dad's old Model T's headlights. The headlights' brightness was directly proportional to how fast the motor was running. When the car was moving quickly, the lights were brighter. The same could be said of work- to have the light of Christ in our lives, we must be constantly working, both in spiritual and secular terms. if we're lazy, our light won't be as strong, and thus the devil can have more power over us. The phrase "and idle mind is a devil's workshop" is definitely true. Life is like walking up a down escalator- if we're not doing anything, we're actually moving backward.
Gordon B. Hinckley's wise words give me the extra determination to stop my natural tendency to be lazy and start to work towards my dreams instead of just doing nothing about them.

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